The R & D Center of the company assembles electrical, mechanical, high-polymer, compound material, formula process, mold design and other technical professionals, and has an R & D team with full technical classes and with teamwork spirit. The center has nearly 30 full-time research and experiment workers, including 9 holders of senior technical titles and 15 holders of intermediate technical titles. As an industrial pioneer, Yucheng YEGE has successively participated in the formulation of the drafts of national standards and industrial standards of 220kV, 110kV and other cable accessory products.

All cable accessory products of the company are independently developed, equipped with internationally advanced finite-element ANSYS design software. The company has an advanced and self-contained center for production equipment, detection and testing.

The cold-shrinkage stress control tube developed by the company has been awarded a national invention patent, and the company is still the unique Chinese manufacturer which can apply this technique maturely.

The company pays attention to technological innovation. It has independently developed a lot of products and has been awarded 6 national invention patents and 15 utility model patents, and has a provincial high-tech product. The 110kV and 220kV cable accessory products of the company have passed the product authentication of China Electricity Council (CEC), a national authority, and the performance of the products has already reached the domestic leading level.

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