Production Strength

The company has a world-class German 2KM fully-automatic mixing ratio liquid rubber injector set, a German 2KM 1500 water heating molding machine, a German Desma rubber vacuum injector, a fully-automatic rubber milling production line, a fully-automatic epoxy resin vacuum pouring device, a CNC machining center, CNC lathes, CNC millers and various conventional rubber injection, plastic injection, chemical milling, machining and other devices. It has accumulated the successful experience of such key processes as material prescription, rubber milling, rubber forming, epoxy pouring and metal accessory machining, with the production capacity of cable accessories and supportive products of various voltage grades, and a complete product line.

Detection Strength

The company has built up a high-pressure testing hall, a 35kV electric lab and a physical lab (material testing). The testing center has a full set of test management systems and test researchers. It has been equipped with the 400kV power frequency pressure-resistant complete equipment, 1800kV impact voltage generator complete equipment, a Swiss HAEFELY 9126 partial discharge detection system, a cable heating system, and the complete detection equipment, including interface pressure tester, endoscope, vulcameter and Mooney viscosity tester.

In addition, our company has independently designated various fully-automatic testing tools for various products, applied to the ex-factory detection of various products. In addition, our company supplies various site line detection tools to power grid companies, fully covering the transaction, inspection and test of cable lines.

About YEGE
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