High Voltage Cable Accessories Series Product
The company’s 110-220kV cable accessories (including composite casing oil-filled outdoor terminal, porcelain casing oil-filled outdoor terminal, the overall prefabricated dry outdoor terminal, insulation joints, through joints, GIS dry terminal) is experienced research about cable accessories product structure, raw materials, processing equipment, mold, means of detection methods on the domestic and foreign for a long time, combined with the environment and the operation of the requirements of China's current power cable accessories, and designed for domestic power supply system and installation of cable accessories. Performance indicators of products are in full compliance with IEC60840, GB / T11017, IEC62067, GB / Z18890 standards.
     64 / 110kV cable accessories series and nominal cross-section 240 ~ 1600mm2; 127 / 220kV cable accessories series nominal cross-section 240 ~ 2500mm2. Long-term working temperature, the maximum allowable working temperature, and carrying capacity can meet the requirements of supporting cables, and a large number of cable companies support the operation of the performance.
     All of our 110-220kV cable accessories are in accordance with the above standards, passed through the power industry electrical equipment quality inspection test center’s type detection and pre-identification test. All aspects of performance indicators meet the national standards.
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